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Thank you, thank you, thank you. My car has never looked this beautiful. I don't know what you did to the wheels, but I love how they look. Very impressive!!! My car did not look this good when it was brand new. I wish you were closer to Antioch. If you were, I assure you, I would never take my car anywhere else. I will certainly recommend you to all my friends. My car also runs perfectly.

Gratefully, Rosemary

Driving an 83 Cadillac is pretty awesome. Reaching 83 years of age is quite amazing. Having you fix up our car. PRICELESS!!

Betty & Tom

Dear State Farm,

Thank you for the speedy, and efficient handling of my claim, and the referral to the McMahon Auto Body repair shop, was greatly appreciated. Your office did give me four referrals for the work to be done, but I found I did not need to go any further once I visited the McMahon Auto Body shop. Thank you, again, McMahon Auto Body for your speedy handling of my repair.


Dear Jeff, Ellen & Staff,

I have been in the Auto Body Industry, in some capacity, for most of my career. So when friends and family have a need for auto body repairs they seem to always ask me for a recommendation. It has always seemed fairly easy to recommend a reputable shop near their location. That is until my wife was recently involved in a serious accident and I found myself standing knee deep in plastic parts, in a very busy intersection, watching her 2006 Chevy HHR being loaded on a flatbed. I realized that I now had to make that decision for me and somehow that decision seemed much more important now than ever before.

While my wife was being treated in the ambulance and the Police & flatbed driver are waiting for my decision so they can get the intersection cleared. I said take it to McMahon's in Round Lake. Jeff, I would like to say that I had this long list of reasons why I chose your shop but I didn't. I chose your shop because of your honest business ethic. In the past, on occasion, I have had a front row seat and watched as you and Ellen worked very hard to get it right for your customers. I wanted to be one of those customers!

Now that I have experienced being one of those customers with a repair that was well over $12,000, I wanted to not only thank you but commend all that were involved. James was professional throughout the process and I know how much time & effort Ellen put in trying to resolve the wiring and parts issues. The repair was perfect in every aspect! Thank you all!


Dear James,

Thanks to you and your team for making the repair to my Acura easy and painless. The results are excellent! The car looks terrific. McMahon will be my choice for any body work in the future, and I will gladly recommend you to everyone. Thanks again for a great job!


Dear McMahon employees,

Thank you very much for your kindness and great service!

The trunk of my Chevy Cruze looks new again (keying gone). I can concentrate on my husband's illness again. I'll certainly recommend you to family and friends!

Thanks & Blessings,

Dear James, Ellen & Jeff,

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! The car looks fantastic! The whole process was very uneventful and we appreciate your award winning service!

It's great to know there are people out there who love what they do!

Thank you again!

My Escalade never looked so good!

Jon & Nancy

Dear Jeff and Ellen,

A million thanks to you for the perfect and quick work you did on my Toyota. It really proved how very efficient you are, which I have known for a long time.

You both are wonderful, and my appreciation to you is more than words an describe!!

Best wishes for continued success in your business and health and happiness to you and your children!

The greatest: McMahon Auto Body